Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shooting the E-M5 with Gloves

Despite the very cold temperature, I have been out shooting on my lunch time around my work place. It's been frustrating, not all because of the cold, but also because with gloves, it's very hard to operate the E-M5. The camera is small and the buttons are smaller than that of the NEX-6. I actually prefer the NEX-6's wheel with rocker buttons on the rear, than the very tiny individual buttons of the E-M5. The Fn2 button besides the Shutter release is much too small. It took many tries to activate it each time I needed to use it. I think a camera can be a negative being small. One solution is to wear very thin gloves, but that -10 to -20 degrees Celsius, that's not an option as your fingers will be numb in about 5 minutes.

One other thing the bothers me a lot, is the very slow write speed to the SD card, and the review button does not work until the writing is done. I found myself waiting for the writing to finish way too often. I am very surprised that I have had so many negative points toward the E-M5. Most people are very positive about its handling. I guess I am the odd-ball. I am not saying the E-M5's handling is bad, it's just not what I was expecting.

Flowers behind window - E-M5 & Taylor-Hobson 75mm f2 TV Lens. Click for larger.

Feeding the geese - E-M5 & Taylor-Hobson 75mm f2 TV Lens. 

Bench - E-M5 & Taylor-Hobson 75mm f2 TV Lens. Click for larger.

Signs - E-M5 & Jupiter-3 5cm f1.5 Lens.


  1. nothing is perfect, everything has pros and cons. Your E-M5 has OSS in body and lets you use TV-lenses with perfect results. Your experience tells you not to use it when you need gloves because of bad weather.

    Now you know the NEX-6 is a camera for cold weather and gloves...

    1. You are absolutely right. However, the NEX-6 stops working faster in cold weather than the E-M5 :)