Friday, March 7, 2014

Birns & Sawyer (TEWE) Omnitar 150mm f3 & Olympus E-M5 - Part II

Due to the defective coating of the lens, the Birns & Sawyer [TEWE] 150mm f3 lens produces pictures with low contrast in most lighting conditions.  For this reason, the pictures need more adjustments, especially the black level.  Not really a big deal.  I am just amazed the pictures still come out so sharp and colours so beautiful.

Used on the E-M5, the corners of lens is still mushy, but most people don't expect a lens designed for 16mm movie cameras to have very sharp corners on a digital camera with larger sensor.  We just have to accept it and appreciate its other unique qualities.

I really like this picture when viewed on a large monitor. It looks like a painting - Omnitar 150mm f3 & Olympus E-M5. Click for larger.

Smoke Break - Omnitar 150mm f3 & Olympus E-M5

Standard Bokeh Test - Omnitar 150mm f3 & Olympus E-M5

Untitled - Omnitar 150mm f3 & Olympus E-M5


  1. Hey, as well as adjusting black point, try also (first) adding a unsharp filter try first 10% with a radius of about 80 pixels.