Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Minolta Rokkor-X RF 250mm f5.6 with Olympus E-M5

My MD, L39 and Leica-M to M4/3 adapters arrived yesterday. I was earger to test the effectiveness of the E-M5's stabilization system with long lenses, specifically the Minolta 250mm mirror lens. Today I shot some pictures with the combo and I am very pleased. In short, longer lenses are not as effective as the shorter lenses with the stabilization, but it definitely helped. I get more sharp pictures than I could with NEX-6, while using lower ISO. With the NEX-6, I had to use ISO 800 to 1600 in day light, but with the E-M5, the ISO is usually at 400 and even 200.

I wish the In-Body Stabilization would work without half-pressing the shutter button; this way I can have IS on while in magnified view, to help fine tune focus. As it is, as soon as you half-press the shutter, the magnify feature is deactivated.

I am quite pleased with the E-M5 and Minolta 250mm combo. Imagine shooting 500mm (35mm equivalent) without tripod. That's what I call freedom. There are many opportunities with a longer lens, which allows the capture of some candid moments that could otherwise not available.

All pictures below were taken with the Minolta Rokkor-X RF 250mm f5.6 mirror lens and Olympus E-M5.


  1. all your images looks great! Even the "donats-bokeh" on the last one looks pretty weird ;-)

  2. i don't mind too much about the doughnut bokeh. I even think its interesting!

  3. You can change that so you don't leave magnified view when you half press the shutter...I couldn't remember where it is in the menus, but I think I've found it here:

    "set LV Close Up Mode to mode 2 (this is under Custom Menu, Disp/PC)"

    Another tip: this is really best if you're shooting a still subject, but if you turn of the shutter's anti-shock setting and set the time increment for the setting at 1/8th a second (Custom Menu *E), you can get another stop or more from IBIS.

    Here's more help for deciphering settings:

    1. Thank you so much Mike. I made the setting today and it helped tremendously.

  4. nice shots ... that dog is 'staring at me' ... and someone else too ;-)