Friday, March 14, 2014

Olympus OM 100-200mm f5 Photo Set

The day after the snow storm we had on Wednesday, I took the OM 100-200mm f5 again, to make sure it was still OK. But of course it was. That's the beauty of manual focus lenses; there is no electronics to fail you when it gets a bit wet. The OM 100-200mm f5 lens is not the greatest lens by any means, as it was built and sold as a budget lens. Sharpness is so so, and my version suffers from a very severe case of zoom creep. Actually, the zoom just slides like there is no friction at all. The good thing about the lens is that it's quite compact and light for the range it provides.

All pictures below were taken with the Olympus OM 100-200mm f5 & Olympus E-M5

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