Monday, June 30, 2014

Sony Customer Service - An Update

As you may already know, I bought my Sony A7 and the Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f2.8 ZA lens as open box items at the Sony Store when they were clearing out the inventory and closing their physical stores. There were few things missing in this deal: Body cap for the camera, lens hood for the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 ZA, and front/rear caps.  I really don't care about the front caps as I have lots of those, but I do want the body cap for the A7, the rear cap and the hood for the lens.

Previously, I had two occasions to use the Sony customer service, here for replacing the LCD as the coating came off under normal use, and here for the defective external viewfinder. I was extremely happy with both cases and I think Sony is one of the best when it comes to services under warranty (Panasonic is also excellent when they fixed my G1). In any case, I couldn't go back to the store for them because it was already closed so I called Sony trying to get the missing items, as they are open box and should come with all accessories. . After some initial resistance and they tried to tell me my cameras were sold as is, but nobody told me it was, and it was not stated in the receipt.

Eventually, they agreed to send me the missing items that I asked for: one rear cap, one body cap for the A7, and one hood for the lens. After uploading proof of purchase (receipt and picture of the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 ZA lens with serial number), I received a package few days later: a rear cap and a front cap for the lens. No body cap and no hood. I emailed them about the missing items, and today, a package came and I got the hood, but it's not the right hood. The ALC-SH132 hood I received is for the FE 28-70mm f3.5-5.6, which I already have when I bought the camera kit. And, there is no body cap in the package.

I am actually grateful that Sony is trying to get me the missing items, but I am also very frustrated that I have to go through so much trouble to get them (which I still don't have all the items). I mean, they have the receipt AND the picture of the lens so I don't know how they can make a mistake like this.

I am debating whether I should email them again about the wrong/missing items, or just give up. I have a semi solution for the hood: the hood from the Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 NEX-5N kit lens sort of fit the Zeiss 35mm f2.8ZA, and it's usable but it comes off too easily.

Just want to say all this fiasco does not detract me from enjoy the Sony A7 and the Zeiss FE 35mm f2.8ZA. I think it's one of the best small full frame cameras in the world with great image quality to boot, and the lens is just exceptionally good.

Reflections - Sony A7 & Zeiss FE 35mm f2.8ZA. Click for larger.


  1. Give 'em one more try. It sometimes helps in these kind of scenarios if you give them the exact part number you need along with the description. A nice email along the lines of "Today I received a ALC-SH132 hood, which is unfortunately for the FE 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 and is not compatible with the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 ZA. I also have not yet received the body cap for the Sony A7 (part number . . . )."

    Just remember you've already spent several thousand dollars on the camera+lens and these are pieces of plastic which cost Sony pennies (and they would gladly sell you for $$).

    1. Thanks for the tip. Will give them another try.