Tuesday, June 10, 2014

National Iced Tea Day

Today is National Iced Tea Day. Not that I knew about it. I stumbled on up the occasion quite accidentally.

This afternoon I decided to go to Dundas Square for some shooting, as it's a busy place and there is usually events going on. Sure enough, the occasion was free iced tea tasting, along with live music. This actually was a great opportunity to test the Olympus 100-200mm f5 zoom lens. I wanted to see how it performs on the Sony A7.

Surprisingly, the lens works very well on the A7. No visible vignetting even wide open (f5) and completely acceptable even wide open. The second pictures shows a 100% crop at f5. I think that's pretty good, no? Seems to perform better on the A7 than on NEX-6 or OM E-M5.  Sometimes very cheap lenses can produce very good results.

Live Music - Sony A7 & Olympus OM 100-200mm f5 @ f5. Click for larger.

Crop from picture above. Click on it to see 100% crop. For some reason, Blogger reprocesses the pictures as I upload them and make them brighter than the original. This is very annoying and sometimes very bad, like this time, and sometimes it's tolerable.

Lining up for free iced tea sample - Sony A7 & OM 100-200mm f5. Click for larger.

Enjoying the free music and iced tea - Sony A7 & OM 100-200mm f5 @ f5. Click for larger.

Videographer - Sony A7 & OM 100-200mm f5 @ f5. Click for larger.

Lead Singer - Sony A7 & OM 100-200mm f5 @ f5.