Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Random Pictures

I have been trying out different lenses on the Sony A7. All of them take on a different perspective than when they were used on the crop sensor cameras. I found the A7's sensor is even more forgiving to old lenses than the NEX-6, as the pixel density is slightly lower on the A7 due to its larger sensor size. So far, I am very happy with the A7.

11even - Sony A7 & Leitz Hektor 135mm f4.5. Click for larger.

Megan - Sony A7 & Birns & Sawyer 150mm f3 Cine Lens. Click for larger.

Dead Leaf - Sony A7 & Meyer-Optik Primoplan 58mm f1.9. Click for larger.

Tulip - Sony A7 & Taylor-Hobson 75mm f2 TV Lens. Click for larger.


  1. I suspect its more about magnification than pixel density. You are not just magnifying a portion of the center to get an image, but seeing a bigger view.

    Back in Oz I have somehow less need of a camera. But when I travel again I think I'll be buying an A7

    1. The pixels are slightly larger on the A7 than the NEX-6 and so it's less dense in terms of pixels per millimeter.

      I think the A7 is currently a great value, especially if you have lots of old lenses.

  2. When you are viewing the overall image its about the magnification effect on the capture, the density becomes apparent when viewing pixels at 100% on the screen.