Monday, April 2, 2012

C-Mount Lenses on the NEX System

$5 Burritos - NEX-5N & Angenieux 75mm f2.5 Cine Lens

In general, c-mount lenses don't work very well on NEX system, as most of them were made either for TV or 16mm movie cameras, with very small percentage for 35mm.  The problem is very vignetting and extremely bad corner performance, because the sensor on NEX system is much larger.  For this reason, Micro 4/3 system is a much better platform for c-mount lenses.  This is not to say that you can't use c-mount lenses on the NEX, it's just worse than M4/3.  In fact, I enjoy some of my c-mount lenses on NEX, mostly longer focal lengths, like the Angeniux 75mm f2.5 or Kern-Paillard 50mm f1.4/75mm f1.9, and some Kodak cine lenses.  They do have kind of a natural vignette on most images, except close ups.  I guess for most people, the lens character is more important than actual optical perfection on these cine lenses.


  1. Have you tried the Fujian CCTV 35mm f/1.7? I've been thinking of getting it for my nex. The photos I've seen look quite good.
    Of course, as you said, it's far from optical perfection but has lots of character

    1. Sorry I have not tried this lens. Have kind of lost interest in c-mount lenses, mostly because on NEX-5N, the image circle is too small for most of them.