Friday, April 6, 2012

The Faithful Reader Emmanuel N. Diaz

The most faithful reader of my blog (that I know of), Emmanuel N. Diaz, sent me an updated list of all the lenses I have, or have used in my blog.  As of yesterday, there has been 149 different lenses I have had/used.  Of those, 41 are 40-58mm!  Some of these are not your standard mount lenses, like projection or enlarging lenses, but that's still a mind boggling number of different lenses.  The sad fact is, I still have most of them.  Even more so, I know I have more lenses than this list.  Now you see why it's hard for me to write a list of my favourite lenses, especially in the 40-55mm focal length.

Venox -- Canon 7D & Tamron Adaptall 135mm f2.8; July, 2010.

This picture above was shot with the Canon 7D and Tamron Adaptall 135mm f2.8, which is not on Emmanuel's list of lenses :)  Strangely enough, I don't have much memory of this lens, and don't have many pictures from it.

Thanks  Emmanuel!  Appreciate your effort.  This will be a good reference that I can use in the future.

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