Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Intermission

Sorry, Part III of the "Adapting Series" will come later.

I am really feeling the worse in the last few years with seasonal allergy.  Don't feel like doing anything at all, but we did managed to ride to the beach, since it was a such a beautiful day.  I have been using two long lenses yesterday and today, the Birns & Sawyer (Tewe) 200mm f3.2 and the Kinoptik 210mm f2.8 Speciale Cine.  Didn't really use them under very bright sunlight before, but I love the quality both lenses produce in bright light, especially.  They are especially nice for portrait/people pictures.

Studying -- NEX-5N & Kinoptik Speciale Cine 210mm f2.8. Click for larger.

The picture above was taken against the sun without a hood. You can see some washout effect of this, and the contrast has decreased a lot too, but I like how the lens renders the picture.  The picture below is straight out of Lightroom without additional adjustment.  I have inclued a 100% crop @ f2.8.

Megan -- NEX-5N & Kinoptik Speciale Cine 210mm f2.8. Click for larger.

100% Crop from picture above without any sharpening @ f2.8.  It actually has lost quite a bit of details due to compression.  Looks a lot better in Ligthtroom.  Click picture to see 100%.

 I have to say that without an EVF, using lenses this long is just very difficult.  With the EVF, focusing and accuracy has improved quite a bit.

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