Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can't Resist Those Colours

You must forgive me for the many recent flower pictures.  You see, after the blahs and gray colours of winter, one can't help but get excited by the beautiful colours of flowers that are flourishing right now.

Yellow Daisies -- NEX-5N & Steihnheil Culminar 85mm f2.8. Click for larger size.

I noticed that I have been using a lot of Exakta mount lenses, thanks to the NEX-5N.  I tried them on the Canon bodies, but they just couldn't be focused to infinity, due to the imprecise adapters.  So, they were mostly retired to boxes somewhere in the house.  But, they are slowly finding a new photographic life on the NEX system.

Unknown (to me) plant -- NEX-5N & Steinheil Culminar 85mm f2.8. Click for larger size.

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