Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Small Rant

Sacrificed for Art: Smashed Papaya - Canon 7D & Tamron Adaptall SP 35-80mm f2.8-3.5

I am slowly adding my pictures to the Lightroom database.  I have hundreds of thousands of pictures and this is a slow and tedious process, because I am also checking/deleting frames I don't want to cut down on the number of frames I have and space usage.  I am getting the hang of Lightroom 3; but just enough to use it.

Looking back at the pictures I took with the 7D, I think that if the sensor is cleaner, even at a lower resolution for say, 12-16 MP, it would have been an even better camera as it is today.  I would have kept it and would have become my main camera.  Compared the image quality to the NEX-5N, the 7D is clearly inferior on almost all ISO settings, but especially at lower ISO.

While I am in the pissy mood, I might as well let out my disappointment with Canon regarding the image quality in their latest offering, the 5D Mark III.  The RAW output, next to the 5D Mark II, is only marginally better, while the 36MP D800's image quality is as good up to ISO 3200.  Perhaps, Canon is resting on its laurels for too long, and getting complacent, their new DSLRs have been underwhelming, perhaps except the 1DX.  Note that I am not saying the image quality is not good with the new cameras.  In fact, it's more than good enough for me, but when you see the competition edging out the once mighty king of clean high ISO, one can't help but see Canon's sensor progress has been at an impasse.  Truthfully, I believe Canon has much better technology than what they currently give to its customers.  They are holding back until they can milk out all they can with the existing technology.

As for me, perhaps my camera upgrades have been to frequent.  I am trying to restrain myself not to buy another camera.  Seriously, between the 1D Mark III and the NEX-5N (with the Panasonic G1 as backup), there is enough camera that is good enough for me for the next two to three years.   

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  1. I agree that the MkIII has little to offer over the MkII, quite UNDERwhelming really.
    I had REALLY hoped for an angled LCD (for low level shots especially) and a greater low ISO latitude increase.
    On the plus side, I don't now feel any pressure to find the extra funds to change! (Until the MkIV of course!)
    Also, for those wanting a 5D, the MKII will now become more available for less.
    All of which are of course negative points for Canon as you indicate!