Monday, March 22, 2010

Green Umbrellas at The Black Bull

Green Umbrellas -- Canon 5D & Pentacon 29mm f2.8. Larger Picture.

This is probably the 4th copy of the Pentacon 29mm f2.8 lens I have had. The previous three had problems with one area or the other. This particular copy is near mint with original case. Very hard to get something this new, and has no workmanship flaws. I believe there is also a Meyer Optiks version of this lens. Pentacon has a cheaper sister lens, the 30mm f3.5 with pre-set aperture, which I used on the Pentax *ist DL with very good results.


  1. I like your post processing, especially the color. What program you are using? any recommendation?


  2. Patrick,

    I use Photoshop CS4, but only for RAW conversion with minor adjustments on contrast, brightness and colour as needed.