Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Canon Digital Rebel T2i - Fun with the Kit Lens

I think I made a good decision buying the T2i with a kit lens. This lens pairs well with the T2i and the combo is very light and portable. When I hold them in my hands, one word comes to mind: Fun! It's very different feeling in usage when a 50L or 85L lens is mounted on it.

The lens turns out to be quite a good performer. Surprisingly sharp when stopped down a bit, although, as with most entry level lenses, distortion is not well controlled, especially at the wide end. The far edges are actually very respectable. I have included one 100% crop on the satellite picture. This picture was processed in DPP. I played with DPP a bit today and I think I am getting a hang of it. Still not quite used to it yet, but the quality and colour fidelity is much higher from DPP than the in-camera jpeg.

I do wish the range is a bit longer, say 18-85, but then of course there is the EF-S 17-85mm. It will be sufficient for most occasions, though.

Discovered an oddity. The ISO on the T2i can only be manually changed in whole ISOs, like 100, 200, 400, etc. But, if you use Auto ISO, the camera will use ISO 320, 640, etc. Now, why not give us the same thing when we want to control the ISO manually?

I really do like the 18-55mm IS lens. I am actually happy with it. Now only if I can get a hood for it.

Still working on the focus test...

Calling ET -- Canon T2i & EF-S 18-55mm IS lens, f7.1. Please check out the edge crop on the next picture.

100% crop from the picture above at the lower right corner @ f7.1. Larger Picture.

Bird's eye view from a 13th floor downtown building on York Street. T2i & Kit Lens @ f6.3. Larger Picture.

A stroll on Queen & Soho -- T2i & Kit Lens @ f8. Larger Picture.


  1. looks very promising. Canon continue to attract me with these cameras, but it will be hard to pry me away from the G1 for less than full frame.


  2. I like the handling of the G1 better than the T2i. I feel like hold half of a camera with the T2i. With the kit lens, both cameras weigh about the same, and the T2i is slightly larger. Will post a picture later on of the two.

    The G1 can't match the clean image of the Canon...

  3. Hi, thank you for posting the samples using the kit lens.

    I still need to wait mine to arrive (with kit lens too).

    There are many video samples around, but not much picture samples (especially the one with kit lens). I wonder if I can reproduce your review above and also with the picture to put it in my blog (http://www.eos550d.com). I will give a full credit and link to your blog. Let me know what you are thinking.


  4. @eos55D, please use what you need. I have some more pictures with the kid lens here:

    Check exif data for lens.

  5. Hi, thank you for your permission.

    You can see your post here:


    I would be happy if you willing to inform me if you found something interesting with the T2i camera.