Monday, March 15, 2010

Canon Rebel 550D T2i -- Normal AF vs Live View AF

Did a very brief and unscientific test on normal AF and Live View AF on the T2i. Accuracy seems to have improved quite a bit from previous Digital Rebels that I had used. When I purchased the original 300D, I had to send the camera to Canon for focus calibration twice. Even then, focus was still not very consistent.

From the first day of use, I found the focus on the T2i quite consistent. The test I did today showed that normal focus and Live View focus essentially yields same results. The interesting thing is the exposure is slightly different. Normal AF tend to expose a bit more on the brighter side whereas Live View is slightly more conservative.

Test Setup:
Tripod -- Velbon Carmagne 630 Carbon Fiber
Head -- Acratech Ultimate Ball head (original version)
Lens -- Canon EF 50mm f1.2L
Lighting -- Natural window light
Camera Setting -- Self-timer with mirror lock up enabled, ISO 200
Output -- In-Camera jpeg (RAW +jpeg)

100% crop -- f1.2 normal AF

100% crop -- Live View Focus f1.2

100% crop -- Normal AF f2.0

100% crop -- Live View AF f2.0

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