Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sony's E-mount 16mm f2.8 - Don't Get No Respect?

Snow Fence -- NEX-5N & Sony 16mm f2.8 Pancake Lens.

Thanks to uv who left a comment in yesterday blog, and I have decided not to use any colour profiles at all for me web pictures.  This seems to have solved the over-saturation issue I have had.

A lot of people seems to have a dislike for the Sony 16mm f2.8 pancake lens.  Yes, the edge could be better but the price is right.  To me when stopped down to f8-f11, the even the edge is acceptable.  Where this lens shines is low light capture.  With such a wide angle, you don't need a very high shutter speed to get sharp pictures.  I don't use this lens much, but I would hesitate to use it when I need to capture something wide.  It's simply the cheapest auto focus 16mm wide angle lens out there for the NEX system.  Hopefully, they will have a 15/16mm wide angle with better optics.  I don't mind it being bigger.  Better performance is more desirable than smaller size, to me.


  1. Hi Yulin, if you have a ghostless uv filter by pentax it helps the 16 2.8s "softness" in the corner. not by jumps and leaps but just a tad. :D when are you doing your infamous yard sale? im kinda looking for an industar 69 lens :D

  2. @Anonymous: Interesting. I am sure I have a couple of those somewhere. Will try it when I get a chance. Thanks for the tip!

    The only Russian lens I have is the 58mm f2 which is in a box somewhere :)

  3. is it an m42 or m39 mount? helios?

    might be heading your area one of these days let me know please.