Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Sample Images

Hot Dog Stand
Hot Dog Stand -- NEX-5N & Tokina RMC 17mm f3.5

I downloaded the Fuji X-Pro 1 sample pictures today and I am quite impressed with the image quality, especially the 18mm f2, with excellent corner sharpness.  The ISO 1600 sample of the macro shot is ridiculously clean with good deails. One thing I am not sure about is if these were shot and processed RAW or in-camera jpegs.  If these were from RAW, this APS-C size sensor indeed rivals the full frame sensors in terms of image quality.

Regarding the sample images, I think a few of those pictures were not well chosen.  The first and third image shot on the 18mm f2 lens were slightly blurry.  Some subject matter of other pictures could be better too.

In short, very impressive hardware of the body and lenses.  This camera will set the bench mark of high image quality from the APS-C sensor.  Other companies, such as Canon, has some catching up to do.


  1. do you think it will be much better than NEX-5N in terms of image quality?

  2. @dorobo: from what I can see, the X-Pro1 is indeed better than the NEX-5N. Very impressive.

  3. It will be interesting, but I would like to see some independent reviews and shots, rather than images from Fuji before drawing any conclusions.

  4. @lucindale: Sure it makes sense to get third party samples, but I believe Fuji wouldn't be stupid enough to fake the quality of the pictures.

  5. Is that interchangeable either, like nex? What's mount Xpro1?

    1. It's an interchangeable lens system with new mount that's not compatible with anything else.