Thursday, May 19, 2011

Metropolitan United Church

In Full Blossom -- NEX-5 & Astro-Kino 65mm f1.5 Projection Lens

The Astro-Kino 65mm f1.5 projection lens has many qualities of an old cine lens, especially the swirling backgrounds.  I didn't expect a  projection lens would behave this way, but this particular lens was designed for 16mm projectors so the imaging circle probably did not need to be very large.  Another interesting thing I found out is that most projection lenses is sharper at infinity than close up, which makes sense when you think about it.

A lot of people pay a lot of money for lenses like the Dallmeyer Speed 1 inch f1.5, which share similar swirling backgrounds as this lens.  If this is what pleases you, you should keep an eye on one of these lenses, which turns up on eBay once in a while for $30 to $50.


  1. I have to say the NEX does a fantastic job with Projection lenses, and turns some of the most simple of things into art. Another great week of pictures...



  2. Thanks for your complements. I agree with you completely. The short flange of the NEX is perfect for this kind of lenses. The image quality is decent too.

  3. gerhard : which way around a projection lens will give less distortion : light coming from the front end or the backend ? projectionlens is build to do best enlarging of little film picture from the back end .
    but can it be used that way to take pictures ?
    given fact : an overheadprojectorlens (plano-convex) will do focus only if light comes from the right side as i learned from burning insects .
    well maybe it is considered in your already published future blogs that i havent read yet , but ... i ask it here . nice blog standing in rivalry here to dilbert by scott adams