Monday, May 9, 2011

Federal Fedar 3.5 inch f6.3 Enlarging Lens

Tulips -- NEX-5 & Fedar 3.5 inch f6.3. Click  for larger.

The Federal Fedar 3.5 inch f6.3 is the sister lens to the Federal Anastigmat 55mm f4.5.  Both lenses are very tiny.  Obviously, the Fedar is not an indoors lens, having a maximum aperture of f6.3, and at this aperture, the image is a bit soft.  From f8 on, it's sharp enough, but not as much as the Anastigmat 55mm f4.5.

Despite being such an old and cheap lens, it can still create some nice images.  You just have to shoot with its limitations in mind.  I wouldn't shoot with it everyday, but sometimes you will be surprised what you will get in return for a very small investment.

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