Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beauty and the Vespa

Silver Vespa -- NEX-5 & Bausch & Lomb Super Cinephor 4.75 inch f1.9. Click for larger.

Now that I have tried a few projection lenses, they all have one thing in common: all very sharp wide open, and all purple fringing like hell in highly reflective edges.  The Kern-Bolex 50mm f1.3 is the worst, and the Super Cinephor 4.75 inch f1.9 is close behind, where the Astro-Kino 65mm f1.5 fares a bit better.

I think I have found a possible solution to adding aperture control to projection lenses.  I have tried it today on the Super Cinephor 4.75 inch f1.9 lens with pretty good results.  What I found was a disc like aperture that fits inside a 52mm filter ring.  It can sit between two 52mm filters.  The problem is the aperture control is vertical, which means I can not change it unless I unmount the lens.  I am working making the aperture control arm work horizontally, from the outside of the filters.  This will only work with long lenses, unfortunately.


  1. Hi Yu-lin,

    Not sure if you've seen this m43 to Canon adapter and not sure if you couldn't somehow adapt one for your needs with the projector lenses.

  2. @Chster: I know of this adapter. It's made by Kiping but is rather price. Also it does not have a focusing mechanism. When you add all that together, the whole thing will be too long for all but the very long projection lenses.

  3. of course if this were a vespa ad, the chick would be in focus and be the object of attention ... noone wants to look at the scooter, just imagine they'll get that chick by having it in the background ;-)

  4. @obakesan: Sex sells, and that's not going to change any time soon!