Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pine Cone #1

Pine Cone -- NEX-5 & Bell & Howell 76mm f1.6 Projection Lens. Click to see larger

Yet another projection lens.  Sometimes I feel like I would never have enough time to convert all my projection lenses into something usable.  There are still a few of them waiting in line to be used.  Projection lenses currently represent one of the best values in lenses.

There are advantages:
1.  Optimized for wide open performance.  The posted aperture of the lens is usually the best aperture.
2.  Very fast optically.  It's not unusual to have 50mm f1.2 aperture or even faster.
3.  Most of them are extremely sharp

The Disadvantages:
1.  No Aperture control
2.  No focusing ring
3.  Usually very short lens flange

For a lens junkie like me, projection lenses are irresistible.  The conversion process is as much fun as taking pictures using them.  

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