Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Snail's Pace

Getting there -- NEX-5 & Kowa (EIKI) 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens.

The Kowa Super Prominar-16 50mm f1.2 projection lens is so far the fastest of the projection lenses I have, beats out the Paillard-Bolex 50mm f1.3 by a hair.  It's also the only projection lens so far that won't focus to infinity with my home-brew focusing helicoid.  The end of the lens almost touches the helicoid, and still not enough to focus more than a few meters away.

Unlike the razor-sharp Paillard-Bolex 50/1.3, this one is much softer.  I have only used it once today, so haven't really gotten a feel for it yet, but I kind of like how the pictures come out of the lens.

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