Monday, May 23, 2011

More Kowa Eiki 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens Samples

Blossoms -- NEX-5 & Kowa 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens. Click to see larger

I have become very fond of this little lens.  The lack of infinity focus is a disappointment, but the uniqueness of the picture rending quality makes up for most of it.  The incredibly thin depth of field at f1.2 at close range makes pictures interesting.  The creamy and slightly dreamy quality of the lens begs to take pictures at high key.

Pretty in Pink -- NEX-5 & Kowa 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens.

Projection lenses have the best price to fun ratio.  They are cheap and in abundance.  Easy to make it work with EVIL cameras and they are great for portraiture, close-ups, flowers, and anything that looks nice with thin depth of field.  If you have considered doing it, you should really start and the amount of fun and satisfaction you will have, money can not buy.  Be warned, though.  You might get addicted.


  1. The bottom photo is outstanding!

  2. how did you put it toogether nex-5 and that kowa lens?

    1. I used a homemade focusing helicoid and lots of filter rings to make it focus to infinity. You can see a picture of it here, mounted on the helocoid and NEX-5: