Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pentax K-1000 -- The Longest in Production Camera in History

K-1000, a classic that is still recommended for photography students. Click to see larger

Introduced in 1976, this tank-like, all mechanical camera with simple match-needle metering was the longest producing camera in history.  It was not discontinued until 1997, only because some of the parts to make it became too expensive or not available.  This was the third and last K-1000 I had and I just sold it few weeks ago due to non-use, along with a roll of Ektar 25, and Ektar 125 that was 10 years expired.  The Ektar films were the best there was.  I shot two rolls of the Ektar 25 on my Pentax Program Plus and I love the fine grain of the film. The K-1000 was not well used, but will be missed nonetheless.


  1. a nice missive for a good friend. I miss my MX the most, but the entire series were fantastic.

  2. Oh man, this was my first hands on SLR during Secondary School in the photography class and shooting for the yearbook. Miss the days of shooting Ilford, stainless steel tanks, fixer and the old timer for the darkroom. Hmm, wonder what I eventually did with the darkroom enlarger.