Monday, January 3, 2011

Kern-Paillard 50mm f1.3 Projection Lens -- Another Sample

Took a few more pictures with the Kern-Paillard 50mm f1.3 projection lens.  Unfortunately the lens is not perfectly centered and therefore one side is a bit blurry on the edge.  But, it's amazing sharpness is incredible. Be sure to check out the 100% crop of the picture below.

Water Fountain -- Kern-Paillard 50mm f1.3 Projection Lens & NEX-5. See below for 100% crop.

100% crop from above picture. You can even make out textures on the brown water wheel. click for larger picture.

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  1. Brilliant!!! I have a Nex 3 and I am looking to do some of what you have done!! =D