Thursday, January 27, 2011

Give an Old Adapter New Life

If you are like me, who collects all sorts of junk related to photography, you will no doubt end up with many weird and potentially useless stuff.  Case in point, M42 to Canon FD adapters.  I have a few of these, and couple of them were actually made by Canon!  But, I no longer shoot film, and I don't have any Canon FD bodies, so these adapters have been sitting around collecting dust, until I got my FD-NEX adapter.

Basically, you can combine the FD-NEX adapter and the FD-M42 adapter and use M42 lenses on the NEX without having to buy a dedicated M42-NEX adapter.  Admittedly, an M42-NEX adapter is not that expensive, but why not make use of what you have?  Even though I don't like multiple adapters, but this combination actually works really well, because breech lock mounts are secured and when mounted, will not have any play at all.  Since my FD-NEX adapter has a very good and tight fit, this combo makes a very nice and solid fit.

Old FD-M42 adapters from eons ago.

FD-NEX & FD to M42 mounts.

Both adapters combined and mounted on the NEX-5.

Sample Photo with both adapters -- NEX-5 & Takumar SMC 85mm f1.8

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