Monday, January 24, 2011

Kern-Pailard 50mm f1.3 -- An Indoor lens

Megan --NEX-5 & Kern-Bolex 50mm f1.3 Projection Lens. Click to enlarge.

I have grown quite fond of this little lens.  Ultra fast and yet very sharp, all wide open.  In fact, I am not able to make it stop down, yet.  There is too much purple fringing against strong lights for this lens wide open, but I found it to be superb for indoor shots, especially of people.  I have another similar projection lens, the Astro kino Color 50mm f1.5 , but can't seem to locate it.  Would be interesting to compare the two.  On the other end, there is a B&L 120mm f1.9 projection lens I am also trying to make into a lens.  So many toys, so little time :)

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