Sunday, January 9, 2011

James Morris - Toronto #2

James Morris Toronto -- NEX-5 & Canon nFD 100mm f4 Macro. Click to enlarge.

Went grocery  shopping again at T&T near the Port of Toronto.  Naturally I brought my camera with me.  This time with a Canon New FD 100mm f4 macro lens.  This lens has been sitting on the shelf for more than a year and used only a few times on the Panasonic G1.  Since I bought the NEX-5, I basically stopped using the G1.  In so many ways, the G1 is a better camera, especially when it comes to using manual focus lenses on it.  In this example, the sun was shining and it was next to impossible to see the screen clearly on the NEX-5.  It would have been a breeze on the G1 with its fantastic Electronic View Finder.  But, I am getting used to the NEX-5.  The manual assist button is much better implemented on the NEX than the G1/GF1.  On the G1, you would need two key presses to enlarge the scene, whereas the NEX can be assigned a dedicated MF Focus Assist function, and requires only one click.

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