Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Salivating Over the 7D

Sold the Canon EF 70-210mm f4 lens to a fellow Canonite today.  She had a 7D with her and I played with it a bit, and really liked it.  It felt like a small 1D III.  Very responsive and the focusing was fast.  The view finder is also very nice.  Perhaps it was a mistake for me to get the 550D, and should have saved up and buy the 7D instead?  Hmmm, time to rethink my setup.  Four digital bodies, but none is a sports cam.  I think I should get rid of the 550D and go for the 7D, keeping the 5D, G1 and the IR 20D.  Or perhaps go back to a used 1D II?

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Know the feeling, it's pretty much what Ive been going through with my film bodies.

    I've tried the 7D, was quite impressed with it. Pretty much a D300 equivalent and Canon's finally discovered the joys of actual confiurability, rather than dictating control configs.

  2. The only thing that's holding me back is the very noisy files at low ISO which exists in my 550D, and possibly on the 7D as well.