Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bike in the Rain

Bike -- Canon 5D & Steinheil Auto-Quinar 135mm f2.8 Exaktar Mount. Larger.

The Steinheil Auto-Quinar 135mm f2.8 is the reason why I love old lenses so much. This is a real beauty in mint condition. Looks beautiful, made beautiful and optically beautiful. I was not able to use this lens due to its Exaktar mount for a the last three years, because Exaktar to EOS adapters were expensive and most don't support lenses with an arm at the mount. Lens adapters have come down in reasonable prices so I bought one Exaktar to EOS adapter a few weeks ago. It turned out that the adapter was defective. It was so tight that I scraped my 5D while trying to un-mount it. Returned it to the seller, and he sent me another, better one. Still, many Exaktar mount lenses can't focus to infinity, and this is the ONLY one that can!

One day, I am going to write a post about lens adapter mounts.

The problem I have with cheap adapters is that they are not precisely made and so many can't achieve infinity focus as claimed, even with name brand ones like the Japanese made Elefoto Leica to EOS adapter. Another problem is there always seem to be some play after it's mounted on the camera.

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