Monday, June 21, 2010


Megan -- Canon 7D & EF 200mm f1.8 @ f2Megan -- Canon 7D & EF 200mm f1.8L @ f2

Tried out the AI Servo focus today and it was better than expected.  Not quite 1-series performance but damn close.


  1. interesting ... so same lens, and you can pick the difference between AF speed on the 7D and the 1D?

    wonder how it compares to the film bodies?


  2. In all honesty, I think the 7D is more responsive/faster than the 1D/1D II, but does not seem to be as accurate. The percentage of in-focus pictures is more with 1D/1D II. But, I have only tested in one occasion so it's not a fair test. Perhaps some focus tuning will make things better.

    As for film bodies, never owned anything higher than Elan II.