Friday, April 23, 2010

Vivitar Series-1 28mm f1.9 OM Mount

s Series-1 lenses were some of the best and most unique in its time. The 28mm f1.9 is one of the cult classics. Very fast for a wide angle at the time the lens was made. This is the second copy of the 28mm f1.9 lens I have. The other one is an MD mount. Both look and work identically. Very sharp lens, especially in the center. I like the warm colour this lens captures. Contrast is a bit low wide open but still sharp. Over all a great lens that deserves the Series-1 moniker. Will update on this lens in a later date.

Let's Play Ball - Canon T2i & Vivitar Series-1 28mm f1.9 OM Mount. Larger Picture.

Torture Flare Test. The VMC coating is very effective -- T2i & Vivitar 28mm f1.9. Larger Picture.

Untiltled - T2i & Vivitar Series-1 28mm f1.9. Larger Picture.

Glass Art - T2i & Vivitar Series-1 28mm f1.9.


  1. nice photos! how do you use this old lens on 550D?

  2. This particular one is OM mount, which can be adapted easily to be used on Canon DSLRs. All you need is a cheap OM to EOS adapter.