Sunday, April 11, 2010

Canon Lens Prices

The Lady Bug House in Leslieville -- Canon T2i & Pentax-M 20mm f4. Larger Picture.

Last time I wrote about Panasonic lens prices, I was dismayed at the high $500 price for the 20mm f1.7 when sold by itself. Yesterday my friend Cliff showed some interest of buying the Nikon AF-S 300mm f4, and I checked the price of that lens, and then compared it to the Canon 300mm f4 IS. The $1660CAD price of the Canon version struck me like lightning. Couple years ago, this lens was $1200-$1300 CAD. The price has gone up $300 in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, this is not just one lens, but all of Canon's premium lenses.

Inflation does not increase this fast in North America. I understand the raw materials cost have gone up, but to this amount? The amount of increase can only be contributed to greed. I looked at my receipt for the EF 100-400mm L lens I bought couple years ago, and it was under $1600, today, the regular price of this item at Henry's is $1950, again, more than $300 increase. For most people, these kind of prices are just too high to afford.

For those who are on a tight budget, and want to get decent image quality, the only way to go is manual focus lenses through adapters.


  1. perhaps its because there actually is increased world demand at the moment.

    and of course because they can.

  2. Hi Yu-Lin,

    Please check your Facebook for private mail msg. :)

    As you've noted the price of new lenses, especially a Canon L series, will give you a heart-attack. Wah, you got a 100-400mm for so cheap!!

    Help me make an inherited Vivitar Series 1 - 70-210mm 1:2.8-4.0 work wonders on my Canon EOS.