Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yamato - Drummers from Japan

Dillon, Ryan and I went to see the Yamato - Drummers of Japan in Massey Hall last night.  I have always liked drums, and can resonate with the heart pounding drum music.   I have owned the 鬼太鼓座 (sorry I don't know what the English translation is) CD since the mid 80s and it has been one of my favourite drum music CDs.  This CD was (still is?) used frequently to test out audio systems since it's dynamic range and the quality recording was exceptional.  The CD was manufactured by JVC.

The show used a wide variety of Taiko drums from very small to humongous ones. Through out the 90 minute performance, the energy, lighting, music and skills of the drummers are truly excellent.  The sound of the o-daiko drum was earth shaking!  The flow of the show was very well choreographed and lots of interaction with the audience.  The lighting created the mood that draws the audience into the performance.  Over all, we enjoyed the show tremendously.  Even Ryan liked it a lot.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed.  I asked if I could take a picture of the stage, and was given permission to do so, but 30 seconds later, I was told that I could not take pictures at all.  A shame, as there are so many photo opportunities during the show with the great lighting.

If you like Taiko drums, don't miss their next show.  You can visit their web site here.

The stage -- Canon 5D & EF 50mm f1.2L

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