Monday, December 21, 2009

Do It Yourself Soft Focus Lens

While writing about the Sima SF 100mm f2 soft focus lens, I had an idea to make one myself. With all kinds of junk -- tubes, lens barrels, mounts that I have left over from unsuccessful repairs or just dismantle them for fun, I had enough parts.

This particular lens is made from these parts:
  • A lens elements from an unknown lens -- Don't remember which lens it come from
  • Part of a lens barrel with focusing helicoid from a T-mount telephoto lens
  • T-Mount for M42
  • 3 different digital camera adapter tubes
  • Electrical Tape
That's it. The hard part is to find all the parts that fit together. First is to find a lens element that fits the lens barrel. Depending on the design, some are for wide angle, some are for telephoto. Once your found the lens element, the rest is to make it fit, and that it can focus to infinity (not a requirement depending on how you use the lens).

What I found is that this one actually has better colour. In fact, the colours are very intense. It could be because the lens element is coated, which increases colour fidelity. In any case, it was fun making it, and even more fun to use it.

Cubes! -- 5D & DIY Soft Focus Lens

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