Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kinopik Special Cine 210mm f2.8 C-Mount Lens

Got a new toy on the weekend -- Kinopik Special Cine 210mm T3.  Kinopik lenses are well known for their movie lenses.  They did make some 35mm lenses for the Alpa mount, as well as the Leica LTM mount, if I remember correctly. 

This particular lens is in exceptionally good shape.  Very clean and well taken care of.  The only thing missing is the original hood.  This 210mm f2.8 lens has a large image circle that can cover medium format.  The lens has an interchangeable mount that screws off, and a different mount can be put on.  It came with a c-mount adapter, and unfortunately, the only camera I have that can use c-mount lenses is the Panasonic G1.  This means that the lens will behave like a 420mm f2.8 lens on the G1.  You can imagine what's like hand holding a 400mm lens -- extremely difficult to get good focus due to very narrow angle of view as well as the camera shake.  Using this lens on the G1 is like putting a Ferrari engine in a Yaris.  I can't wait to convert this lens to another mount so that I can use it on full frame.

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