Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kinoptik Special Cine 210mm T3 Part II

The Kinoptik Special Cine 210mm T3 has a removable mount. It came with a C-Mount which I could only use on the G1. The mount can be unscrewed. The thread size is roughly 55mm. I happened to have a few tubes of the exact same thread size. I gutted a 400mm f5.6 T mount lens a while ago and luckily saved the parts. The mount from the 400mm f5.6 lens goes inside the 55mm tubes almost perfectly. The focusing was adjusted and Gorilla Glue was used to glue the two parts together.

Home Made Mount. Bottom right is the original c-mount; above that is the home made M42 mount. Larger Picture.

Took the lens out today on my lunch around the area where I work, and shot the same scenes I have done so many times. The result, as expected, is fabulous. The pictures have that motion picture quality that I really like. No wonder people pay so much for a lens like this. Come to think of it, this lens reminds me of the Wollensak 209mm f4.5 copy lens. They have the same kind of quality wide open. Sharp, but not "dry", almost like sharp and soft at the same time. I think this lens is perfect as a portrait lens on full frame. Better yet, on a medium format Hasselblad.

Outdoor Lamp -- 5D & Kinoptik 210mm f2.8 (T3). Larger Picture.

Say Cheese -- 5D & Kinoptik 210mm f2.8 (T3). Larger Picture.

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