Monday, April 15, 2013

Trying out lenses on 5D Mark II

I have been trying out some of my favourite lenses on the 5D Mark II, because few of them were never mounted on a full frame camera before.  Just wanted to see what the pictures are like compared to those captured with an APS-C sensor. I am generally quite happy so far with the lenses I have tried on the 5D II. The results are better than I was hoping, and some lens characteristics can not be duplicated with a cropped sensor. Frankly, there is something else that I have missed, and that's the c-mount lenses. Most of my c-mount lenses don't work well on the NEX, and that's one of the reasons I so badly want a Micro 4/3 camera (OM-D EM-5).

Self Portrait - Canon 5D Mark II & Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f2.8 [Zebra]. Click for larger.


  1. no need to own a OM 4/3 camera: crop your NEX-6 pictures to the size of 4/3 and you will have same results ...

    1. That's true, but can you imagine having to crop 1000s of pictures? Not to mention the uncomfortable black boarders in the view finder when composing. It's just not worth the trouble, in my opinion.

  2. waiting for your review on the new exakta adapter