Monday, April 22, 2013

From Cuba, with Love

OK, not the kind of love you are thinking of; love of photography and love for another human being.

Ramon, a reader and a film maker from Cuba, emailed and offered me a couple of projection lenses back in December of 2012. I was very touched by his generosity. I am sure photographic equipment is not easy to come by in Cuba, and yet, Ramon selfishlessly offered me the lenses, to an unknown person in another continent.

Today, Ramon's friend Frank the Professor, and I met up. He brought and gave to me Ramon's projection lenses, Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 92mm f1.6 and 109mm f1.6. They are simply gorgeous and in mint condition. Very obvious that Ramon has been taking good care of them. In return, to lessen my guilt, I gave Ramon a Jupiter-9 85mm f2 LTM, since I have two of them. I just hope that I won't disappoint both the lenses and Ramon. Stay tuned for pictures, as soon as I can get the lenses to mount on my camera.

Visionar 92mm f1.6 & 109mm f1.6 Projection lenses. Beautify, yes?


  1. Greetings Yu-Lin,
    I'm very thankful of your kind generosity for offering one of your pieces from your impeccable collection for me to use in my artwork.

    More interested I am of having the knowledge that a person like you have brought back life to these technologies, forgotten by destiny and the new ones, and have given them a reason to still exist.

    When I come across people like you, who in your free time dedicate your so important work to the people, I feel obliged to make an effort and contribute to your work.

    I'm a passionate lover of cinema, I have had to take digital road as an alternative solution due to the elevated costs of celuloid, but I can promise you I can rescue some of those potent and magnificent optics that at some point in life have let us imprint our human sensitivity

    Thanks for your friendship Yu-Lin. It is so important...

    I promise you some good shots with the magnificent lens of your modest collection,

    Thanks a lot and I hope we can meet in Toronto and talk about your resourcefulness to save those precious optics..

    A cuban friend and colleague

    1. Thank you Ramon. You think too highly of my abilities. I am doing this mostly to amuse myself. Can't wait to meet you!