Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sony NEX-6: Initial Impression - Part I

I am very thankful that I was able to buy the NEX-6 for a very low price yesterday, thanks Deano.  The low price was mostly due to a scratch on the LCD screen, but it doesn't bother me at all.  Played with it and shot a some pictures.  Below is my initial impression.  I will update as I get to know the NEX-6 better.

The NEX-6 has more in common with the NEX-7 than the NEX-5/N/R.  It's physically larger (thicker and taller) and heavier than the 5 series, but fits better in my hand, mostly due to the chunkier hand grip.  The built is excellent.  It looks stronger and more upscale with its matte finish than the shiny and plastic-like finish on the NEX-5/5N.

Size with kit lens: NEX-5N on the left, NEX-6 on the right. Click for larger.

In addition to the mode dial, which I like a lot, there is a wheel under neath it.  The position of the wheel is near perfect as that's where my thumb rests when holding the camera.  Depending on which mode you are in, say Aperture Priority (A), Programmed (P) or Manual (M), turning the wheel will change the aperture.  In Shutter Speed Priority (S), the wheel changes the shutter speed.  During playback, it can be used to zoom  in and out of the picture.  Very convenient.  There might be other functions that this wheel does that I haven't found out yet.

There is also a new AEL (exposure lock) button right above the menu button.  This button is programmable and I have it set to MF Assist.  When using manual focus lenses, pressing this key will enlarge the focus area to aid focus fine tuning.  One of the complaints many NEX-5/5N users have, is that the menu key and Delete/MF assist key can not be swapped, and the menu key can not be re-programmed.  The reason is that the MF assist key is at the bottom of the camera.  When you need to enlarge the focus area, your thumb has to shift down to press it, but because the camera is so small, this action will cause your grip on the camera to loosen.  It's very awkward.  I have gotten used to it, but never liked it.  But now the new AEL (MF Assist) button is placed above the menu key, my thumb does not have to travel very far to engage it.  In my opinion, this is one of the best new features on the NEX-6 for anyone who uses the MF Assist feature alot.

I have hate the new strap lugs.  They dangle and make noise when the camera is moved, since I don't use a strap.  Very annoying.  I like the fixed lugs on the NEX-5/5N.

Eggs anyone? - Sony NEX-6 & Canon nFD 50mm f1.2 @ f1.2. Click for larger.

That's it for today.  Will continue on the next post.


  1. Good for you!
    Stay tune on your review.

  2. The loops in the strap lugs are removable, just like an old 35mm SLR.

    1. Adam, that's true but I know once they are taken off, I will never find them again.

  3. Yu-Lin: Put them in the box, then you won't lose them.