Thursday, December 20, 2012

Must, Resist...

I am weak when it comes to camera gear purchases.  The situation is made worse now that I don't have my old NEX-5N, which I am enamored of.  It has excellent image quality and dynamic range.  The Panasonic G1 that I am using now was a good camera, but I find that its high ISO capability leaves me wanting.  The noise over ISO 400 looks like two generations behind the NEX-5N.  In fact, it reminds me of the Canon 1Ds I used to have.  Excellent low ISO, but noisy over ISO 400.

More than a few times I almost pulled the trigger and bought the NEX-6, but kept reminding myself that it would be cheaper after Christmas, and that the Panny G1 will tie me over.  But, I have been spoiled by the NEX-5N.  Sigh.

"Girls" - Panasonic G1 & Wollensak Raptar 50mm f1.5. Click for larger.

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