Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apollo 135mm f1.8 Sample Picture

Got this lens last week as part of my addiction fix.  Strangely, it come with a M42 to c-mount adapter, and a c-mount 2x teleconverter.  The original mount is M42, and unlike others, this seems to be a native M42 mount, not a YS mount with M42 adapter on it.  Lens itself is in very good shape.  Very clean.  Briefly tested the c-mount 2x teleconverter and it was absolutely horrible.  I don't know how anyone can use that piece of junk on their camera.

It's difficult to focus at f1.8 with a 135mm focal length, even with a viewfinder and enlarged view.  The image quality seems disappointing, especially wide open, judging by my first few shots.  Contrast is low, the edges just glows green in highlights.  Of course this is not conclusive, as I have only used it for a handful of shots.  I also need to get a hood for this thing, but the 82mm filter thread proved to be a challenge for hoods.  I can't find one from a full tub of hoods that I have, and 77mm is the largest I have got.  Will test again later this week.

Dillon -- NEX-5N & Apollo 135mm f1.8. click for larger.


  1. Congratz........and yes a bit soft :-)

  2. I had the similar Spiratone 135mm f1.8 and sold it a year ago because of picture quality was awful. It was impressive chunk of glass, but image quality was disappointing.