Friday, September 14, 2012

Nikon D600 - Start of Affordable Full Frame?

The long rumored Nikon D600 was officially introduced yesterday but unfortunately not at the $1500 as expected, but at $2100.  I am sure many will be disappointed, but I think it's still a significant camera that will signal the start of affordable full frame cameras to come.  When the first consumer full frame camera, the Canon 5D, introduced in 2005, was $3300.

With the D600 out, I am sure Canon won't let Nikon steal the lower end full frame market share, and will have a model (6D?) to counter the D600.  I also believe Sony will have a lower priced full frame other than the A99 sometime in 2013.

Exciting times, even if I can't afford one.

Bellflower? - NEX-5N & Kodak Ektanon 3 inch f2 Projection Lens. Click for larger.


  1. I put in my pre-order yesterday. You're right, I was hoping for under $2K, but it is still over $1000 cheaper than a D800. Interestingly it is made in Thailand - D3, D700 and D800 were all made in Japan.

    1. I hope you will get yours early, and let us know how it is.

      For me, it really doesn't matter where the product is made, as long as the quality is there. But, products made in third world country are cheaper, for sure.

  2. Actually, we've had a cheaper FF option since 2009, the Sony A850 was $1999USD at its release (list in Canada was an insane $2499 though)

    Personally, the D600 is significantly overpriced for what you get. It's in many regards less of a camera than the older A850, most notably in the shutter which tops out at 1/4000. Yet it's more expensive.

    1. The problem with the A850, was that Sony didn't promote it enough. It was overshadowed by the 5D II and the Nikon D700.

      I agree with you, there, that the D600 uses cheaper parts, but image quality should be much better at higher ISO. I would say the build is probably equal to, if not better than the original Canon 5D.