Saturday, September 1, 2012

G.A.S Attack

Last week, I had a bad case of Gear Acquisition Syndrom (G.A.S).  Spent hundreds of dollars ordering a total of six lenses.  So far, I have received the Apollo 135mm f1.8, a monstrous sized (for a 135mm focal length) lens that's 1/3 of a stop faster than the famous Canon 135mm f2L, but is there more than just super fast speed?  We shall look at that in a  later post.  Also received, and I was very anxious to try out, is the Wollensak 50mm f1.5 and to a lesser degree, the Elgeet 102mm (4 inch) f2.7, both are c-mount lenses.  Unfortunately, the Elgeet is D.O.A (Dead On Arrival).  The focus ring is completely seized, and it has quite a  few clean marks inside/outside the lens optics, but it's cosmetically in very good shape.  Right now, don't know what to do with it yet.  It would cost more than the lens itself to ship it back.

The Wollensak 2 inch (50mm) f1.5 is such a gorgeous lens in typical chrome finish as many c-mount cine lenses are. It's a very hefty lens, which is much heavier than the Kodak 50mm f1.6 that I also love.  Both the aperture and focusing rings work, thankfully.  I couldn't wait so as soon as I got the package, I put it on my NEX-5N and snapped a few pictures.  First thing I noticed was that flare will be a huge problem (like most c-mount cine lenses).  Secondly, it's as sharp as the Kodak 50mm f1.6, but has a much larger imaging circle.  There is visible vignetting, but the corners are much better than the Kodak. Consequently, the larger image circle makes the swirling effect less visible than the Kodak.

I have a feeling I will be using this lens quite a bit for the next little while.

Mannequin on Younge & Gerrard - NEX-5N & Wollensak 50mm f1.5 @ f1.5. Click for larger.
Creamy Delicious Bokeh - NEX-5N & Wollensak 50mm f1.5 @ f1.5. Click for larger.

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