Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sign of the Times #2

If you are still not convinced that the cell phone is killing the low end digital camera market, just take a look at the picture below.  I took this picture today on my way home from work.  A crowd of teenage girls were photographing some celebrity at CityTV.  I know this is just a very narrow age group of users, and adults should have a higher percentage of "real" cameras users than teenagers. Still, the writing is on the wall for low end dedicated digital point and shoot cameras. 

Cell Phones Vs. Cameras - NEX-5N & Wollensak Raptar 50mm f1.5 @ f2.8. Click for larger.


  1. Nikon and Samsung respond this with Android based camera, wifi equipped too

    1. This is true, but if the camera can not make phone calls, and the image quality is not that much cheaper, why bother? I think the right thing do with is the use larger sensors; the 1 inch sensor, like the one used on the Sony RX100, is perfect for compacts. This will differentiate them from the small sensor point & shoots (cell phones).