Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sony RX1 Full Frame Pocket Camera

I was fully expecting the rumored full frame pro NEX cameras would be announced on September 12, but it turns out it's a pocketable, non-interchangeable cameras with a 35mm f2 Zeiss lens.  While I applaud Sony for making a unique camera, unfortunately, it's not cheap at $2800, and the lens is fixed at 35mm.  If they had gone through making a full frame pocket camera, why not make the lens interchangeable?  I am completely baffled.  Unless, the the RX1 tries to be a Leica X2 competitor, but that is such a small, niche market.  Sure, this camera is perfect for someone who only shoots the 35mm focal length, and I am sure they will be happy with the expected outstanding image quality.

If the price of this camera is at $1500, I am sure it will sell by the boatload, and will completely kill the Fuji X100.  The good news is that the interchangeable lens version won't be far behind.  Can't wait.  Just hope that it won't be priced at $3000.

Parking Lot Romance - NEX-5N & Wollensak Raptar 50mm f1.5 Cine Lens. 


  1. Very interesting indeed! So we should ask is it a Leica M9 with a 35mm Summicron for $10 grand less, or is it a very expensive Fuji X100? Somehow I think it will find quite a few buyers even at that steep price. Sony full frame sensor / electronics with a Carl Zeiss lens is a very good combination.

  2. I have to agree with your post, I was dreading that sony would release a full frame nex after I just now managed to be able to get 2 nex7's. I really like the concept for the pocket cam, it looks nice but at that price I'll buy it used in a few years. The Fuji prices are coming down on the used market and the same will happen here.

    In response to the comment: I want exactly 1 leica lens that would make me think about buying an m9, the 21mmf1.4. I had an m8 and it was terrific fun but I'm not going to spend even as much as I spent on the used m8 last year on a new fixed lens sony. Part of the justification for buying the Leica was that it is a Leica!, that feeling doesn't exist with sony. I'll pay 200€ more for a sony because they have strong color filters any day of the week, I won't pay 2.5 times as much for a camera that does what the nex7 does but with only one lens. My feeling is that Zeiss lenses are the same way! I'll buy a camera in a mount that can accept Zeiss lenses, and then go on to buy zeiss lenses because even after I upgrade the camera I'll have the lens. I'm not convinced at all!!! that in 3 years, sony won't have an even better sensor!
    Back to the Leica, yeah, I'd buy an m9 to have access to the ridiculous lens under the assumption that the lens would continue to improve with each new sensor iteration. With a fixed lens camera that simply is not the case.

  3. I think very few people will plunk down nearly 3K for a fixed lens camera. Those who buy the Leica X1/X2 because the camera has a Leica name on it. I don't think there is much difference between an X1 and NEX-5N with an Elmarit 24mm f2.8 mounted, in terms of image quality. In fact, the NEX probably produces better results. Hopefully Sony is just testing the waters with this model. I believe the lens interchangeable version is coming very soon.

  4. @soulnibbler - I do generally agree with your thoughts. I have a Fuji X100 and some Leica (film) bodies / lenses at home, however I believe the 'its a Leica' philosophy applies much to the digital bodies than it does the film bodies and the lenses. Film bodies are timeless, classical; while digital has technology that dates very fast. This sentiment is reflected in the used values and rate of depreciation.
    As a Fuji X100 user, the full frame Sony concept really does pique my interest, and as Yu-lin said, at $1,500, I would be all over it. The other issue is that there is a lot to be said for interchangable lens compatibility, but weirdly, there's only been a small handful of occasions when I wished for a different focal length on the X-100.

    1. For lens junkies like me, this camera would never work as my primary camera :) I would very much like to have though, for the occasion that I really want to just shoot pictures, instead of playing with lenses.