Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swim Meet - March 2012

Another swim meet today for the regional swim teams.  Megan and Ryan attended swim meet.  As usual, Megan did a fantastic job, winning all individual events in her age group #1 in all of them, except one even that she was disqualified without just (have video to prove it).  Ryan also did much better than his last time.  Both of them worked really hard during the swim team practices.

Butterfly Style
Megan Butterfly style -- 1D Mark III & EF 200mm f1.8L

Breast Stroke
Megan Breast Stroke -- 1D Mark III & EF 200mm f1.8L

Back Crawl
Ryan Back Crawl -- 1D Mark III & EF 200mm f1.8L

Wiating for next event
Megan, waiting for next event -- 1D Mark III & EF 85mm f1.2 @ f1.2.

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