Monday, March 26, 2012

Kowa Super Prominar 76mm f1.9 Projection Lens

Tokyo Bell - NEX-5N & Kowa Super Prominar 76mm f1.9

Couldn't restraint myself this Sunday and I went to the camera show.  I was kind of disappointed that stuff were getting very expensive.  I picked up some more projection lenses, five to be exact.  This Kowa Super Priminar 76mm f1.9 is one of them.  Another Kowa is a Super Prominar 102mm f1.9.  Both are very well build and have a built-in hood, very unusual for a projection lens, but perfect as a picture taking lens.  Another one of the them is the Zeiss Ikon Ernostar 110mm f1.9, which I am looking forward to trying out, but it has a very short lens register and won't work even with my short focusing helicoid.  This is one monster of a projection lens.  Very heavy.  Need to find a way to get it to focus to infinity, or close to infinity.

Behind Bars -- NEX-5N & Kowa Super Prominar 76mm f1.9

I managed to put the Kowa 76mm f1.9 on the Vivitar focusing helicoid and shot a few frames this afternoon before I surrender to the cold temperature and came back to the office.  So far I really like this lens.  Super sharp and relatively fast.  I was able to make it focus from very close to infinity.  Can't wait to try it out as a portrait lens, as well as some colourful flower shots when it's deeper into the spring.

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