Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8 Sample

Budding -- NEX-5N & Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8 M42 Mount

Another lens that I bought from the camera show.  It came attached to a Praktica FX M42 body that the seller doesn't want back even though I told him he could have it.  This body has a waist level finder and as far as I know, it still works and in good looking shape.  Sadly, this body will most likely end up in the dump.

I have never had a Tessar 50mm f2.8 that has circular aperture, like this Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8.  It has the M42 mount and has the red T coating as well and the flare resistance is quite good for a lens this old.   Unfortunately, the focusing ring is very stiff.  It's manageable, but hardly conductive to the fun of photography.  I quite like the images from the this Tessar though.  As with most lenses with Tessar design, the lens is very sharp even at open aperture.  As you can see, the bokeh is not bad at all.

Perhaps I should have it CLAed.

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