Friday, March 30, 2012

Sony's FDA-EV1S OLED Viewfinder for NEX-5N

Window -- NEX-5N & Leitz Hektor 135mm f4.5

I noticed that when I got the EVF from Adam yesterday, that it would not give me a flat screen in the finder and instead, the picture looks warped.  Only the center looks in focus, the two sides are not.  This can be fixed temporarily by sliding the diopter all the way to the back, and then readjust.  However, after a little while, or you turn it on the next time, it happens again.  At the moment, I am not sure if it's the EVF or my camera.  Hopefully I can test this next week with Adam's NEX-5N.

Other than that, I love this EVF.  It's super high resolution and is quite a bit better than the one in my Panasonic G1.  Focusing with manual lenses are so much easier, and now I can actually SEE what I am shooting in bright day light.  Having the EVF also allows me to shoot at a slower shutter speed and still get sharp pictures.

The only worry I have is that it looks very flimsy.  I normally just toss my camera in my bag and I don't know how much abuse it could take.

In any case, I hope the problem can be fixed, or this will drive me crazy every time I look through the EVF.


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